The Cookie Monster


This is my first time ever short film. It only last 3 minutes and it was made during my third semester of my Computer Animation Bachellors at the Fashion Institute of Technology. It was the final project for my production class. It was kind of dificult to produce this short film since I did not have the equipment necessary nor did I have control over the environment itself in this case the campus.

The entire movie was written and directed by myself with some directional help from my production professor. I also thank my classmate and friend Jennifer Reminick (the girl in the movie), who besides being the main character of the movie also helped me to shoot some scenes.

The budget for this movie was literary $6 dollars which was the price of the black cloth I'm wearing as the monster in the movie. I did not use lights since I could not turn the campus lights off so I kind of used them to my adventage. For the tracking shots I used a wheeled office chair from my lab, and the camera I used was a Sony CyberShot model CSC-50, which is mainly a shooting cam that I borrowed from my great friend Jairo Reyes. Enjoy the movie.